The Dreamatorium, offers a comprehensive suite of metal services to bring your visions to life. I’m passionate about pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with metals. Whether you’re looking to create functional components, artistic sculptures, or architectural elements, I have the expertise and creativity to bring your ideas to life in metal.

3D Design: Unlock the potential of metal with our expert 3D design services. Whether you’re starting from scratch or refining an existing concept, our team of skilled designers will bring your ideas to life with stunning detail and accuracy.

MIG Welding: Join metal with strength and precision using our MIG welding expertise. From structural components to artistic creations, we’ll ensure that every weld is flawless and durable, ready to withstand the test of time.

TIG Welding: Achieve unparalleled precision and aesthetics with our TIG welding capabilities. Whether you need delicate welds on thin materials or intricate designs on complex assemblies, we’ll deliver results that exceed your expectations.

Plasma Cutting: Cut through metal like butter with our state-of-the-art plasma cutting technology. From intricate designs to precise shapes, we’ll bring your ideas to life with clean edges and smooth finishes that impress.

Milling: Shape metal with precision and accuracy using our advanced milling capabilities. Whether you need intricate parts or custom components, we’ll mill your designs to perfection, ensuring a perfect fit every time.

Bending: Bend metal to your will with our expert bending services. Whether you need simple bends or complex shapes, we’ll bend metal with precision and consistency, ensuring that your designs come out exactly as intended.

Finishing/Patina: Add the perfect finishing touch to your metal creations with our expert finishing and patina services. Whether you prefer a polished shine or a rustic patina, we’ll apply the perfect finish to enhance the beauty and durability of your metalwork.