Current PPI Product line Initialization


This is for all the PPI products Marty has presented for the initial PPi product line creation and in devising  the design approach I presented to him,  I must say the line is quite impressive and with both he upcoming rebuilding of the infrastructure, new home building, existing home renovations, and possibilities for other markets it’s very exciting & compelling product line!

The is 16.5 K total launches all the products in the design doc  into the design phase immediately  + the Shackle system prototype build in process as well,  I have broken it down by project above).  I can set up a link for one sum and just invoice them as individual projects if that’s easiest, or I can also create separate links I you would rather that. Let me know what works best for you.  Also going forward we can all ways do a Purchase order type system Which I often use on these type of projects to streamline everything.



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